cuminCumin is very aromatic and spicy. It has a slightly bitter taste that goes perfectly with Indian cuisine. Cumin is the most wanted by spice gourmets. The unique aroma and flavour of cumin meet the expectations of experts of new flavours.
If you are trying to lose weight, instead of swallowing supplements you need only reach for spices. Researchers found that cumin helps to burn fat. Just one teaspoon of cumin a day is enough to lose weight and in naturally way reduce cholesterol.

Cumin for fat burning

researchers looked at the aromatic cumin, which is often used in Arab cuisine. The experiment was attended by 88 people who are overweight and obese. For three months, all the participants were under the supervision of dieticians and eating 500 calories less than usual. However, the researchers divided into two groups. Some people also ate each day one teaspoon of ground cumin in their dishes.
cumin plant
three months, it turned out that people who daily applied cumin, lost weight over a kilo more than the others. What's more, thanks to this aromatic spice lost more body fat.

that does not end with the benefits of regular consumption of cumin. In participants who ate a spoonful of spice a day, significantly fell triglyceride levels. Also, levels of "bad" LDL cholesterol decreased a lot.

Healing power of cumin

thanks his properties to the wealth of phytosterols, which help in lowering cholesterol. Like other hot spices, cumin stimulates metabolism and accelerates weight loss.

black cumin
are still studying how this spice helps to lose weight. Also, cumin helps with digestive ailments, relieves bloating, indigestion and reduces cure diarrhea.

essential oils contained in the cumin seeds help manage with seasonal viral infections. They contain vitamin C and iron, strengthening immunity and thanks of that we can quickly get rid of colds.

you have not tried cumin it is time to change that. Aromatic seeds can be purchased and reach minced spice or with whole seeds. Its distinctive taste and smell composes well with many dishes.

Arab spice fits with grilled vegetables, roasted potatoes, hummus, soups, stews, curries and meats. It should be added to rice, couscous to give them an oriental fragrance note.